Echo Lattner, Studio Director

Echo joined the Design Atelier team in 2012. Her mathematical mind and her organizational and project management skills provide a welcome structure to her projects. Her extensive knowledge of furnishings, finishes and construction is an asset to all of her jobs and is recognized and applauded by every owner. Prior to working with Design Atelier, Echo spent many years working in Las Vegas at the prestigious firm of Cagley and Tanner. Echo has the keen ability to listen to the client’s needs while suggesting and providing the creative edge that sets all of her projects apart.

Echo attended Oregon State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. She finds her motivation in the constant evolution of design. “I embrace the challenge to blend abstract ideas with project obstacles to create spaces that are as welcoming as they are exciting to the people that inhabit them. It is finding the best solution to a problem, whether it is aesthetic or functional, that keeps me inspired.”

artkadeEcho Lattner